About Blue Flag

Blue Flag is an internationally-recognised, voluntary, environmental award presented to communities that reach the appropriate level of environmental management and education in respect of their beaches and marinas.

The Blue Flag programme is coordinated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and was established in France in 1985. It has been implemented throughout most of Europe since 1987 and includes marinas as well as beaches

Together with UNEP and WTO, FEE extended Blue Flag to areas beyond Europe in 1999.

In order to receive a Blue Flag, a beach or marina must meet strict criteria including the measuring of water quality, the provision of environmental education and information, environmental management, and environmental safety. Thee links provide more detailed information on the Blue Flag criteria for beaches, or for marinas.

The 'Blue Flag criteria' have increased over the years since the programme's commencement, thus maintaining its integrity and prestige to those beaches and marinas that display the award. Although the same criteria are used throughout the network, adaptations are permitted to suit each particular region.

Each participating country has its own National Operator. Foundation for Environmental Education - New Zealand (FEE-NZ) is the responsible organisation for Blue Flag in New Zealand.

For further information on Blue Flag please visit the international Blue Flag website www.blueflag.org or contact the national organisation info@blueflag.org.nz.

Boat Owners

Become a Blue Flag member by signing an environmental code of conduct and receive a blue flag pennant to fly on your boat and let everybody know you are contributing to a clean and healthy marine environment for future generations. Email info@blueflag.org.nz.